ABC 6 Weather Lab Visits Kingsland Elementary

June 04, 2018 11:51 AM

(ABC 6 News) - We want to spark interest in STEM-based learning. The ABC 6 Weather Lab is our initiative to get kids involved and excited not only about weather, but science too. Every month, the ABC 6 Weather team brings the Weather Lab to a new school, for a day of fun and learning. Our latest visit brought us to Kingsland Elementary in Adams, Minnesota. And those Knights came ready to explore and learn with us. 

Nats: "Give it up for the ABC 6 Weather Lab…" 


"So, we got to experience the Weather Lab today, which my kids have been so excited about," said Kingsland 2nd grade teacher Megan Streiff.  

Nats: "Fujita!"

"The Weather Lab, which is awesome…"  said Kingsland 4th grade teacher Erin Milz.

Nats: "Raise your hand for a power pole." 

"Just watching the different experiments…" 

Nats: "Ohhhhh" 

"…and the enjoyment that the kids have gotten out of it…." 

Nats: "Whoa, look at that go." 

"It's about an hour long, but they're super interested. They're up and moving," said Milz. 

 Nats: "3, 2, 1… ohhhhh." 

"And I think because you so many different things and you show them the little videos that they're intrigued," she said. 

"They really got to see how a cloud works or how air comes out of the…" explained Streiff.

Nats: (screaming)

"And so we got to learn about different types of thunderstorms…" 

Nats: "Whoaaaaaa" 

"…and about molecules and air pressure…"

Nats: (using air guns)

"The air movement one, where we popped the little things and the puffs of air was going through the air, that was really awesome," said Milz. 

Nats: "Whoa! You want to see it fast?! Whoa!"

"It's been a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to getting them back to class and seeing what they have to say," she said.  

Nats: (screaming) 


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