National Walk to School Day Promotes Safety, Exercise

October 04, 2017 06:07 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- Rochester Public Schools are using "National Walk to School Day" to encourage students and parents to get active and also promote safety.

On Wednesday, Folwell Elementary School hosted an event to celebrate the day and encourage students and parents to lace up their shoes and leave their keys at home.


Katarina Larsen and Julia Behnke were two of the several students who participated in the fun.

"To get out with like all of your friends in school and like have lots of fun," said Katarina and Julia.

Students, parents, RCTC football players, Slider and law enforcement greeted everyone and encouraged them to walk or bike to school.

The hope is to help alleviate traffic congestion and promote safety.

"Kids might dart out with cars and the streets get narrowed down because there are all these cars parked and parents are waiting. I think that it kinda doesn't make it such a hectic, chaotic atmosphere around the school. It's safer for everybody," said Sgt. Jon Turk with the Rochester Police Department.

As part of the events, Folwell also blocked off roads and added crossing guards to test out two new routes for students to safely get to school in the future as well.

Mei-Ling Huie, a mother of two students says it’s something much need in their community.

"As a parent, you can't let your kids go down a road you don't feel is safe, and so you drive. If more, if the routes were safer we could designate safe routes, I think more kids would walk," said Mei-Ling.  

And while students do what they can to stay safe, parents also want drivers to be aware as well.

"There's 360 little kids that come to this school. It's still, you know, 6th street is busy but it's still a residential area. And there's only one bus so just be careful, let kids cross," Mei-Ling said.

A safe crossing would allow kids to worry about one less thing and have time for what really matters.

"We also make sure everybody has like lots of friends and like make sure they have fun at school," said Katarina and Julia.

Students also used “Walk to School Day” to help promote exercise as part of the "Fuel Up to Play 60" program.


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