Pink Heals Surprises Long-Time Firefighter

October 07, 2017 10:53 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS) - He's spent his career battling fires.

Now, he's facing a battle of another kind.


And on Thursday, he got some help.

"Just shows how much we back each other and love each other," Brian Staska told us.

"The Pink Heals tour stopped at our house. It was a surprise for Brian," Wanda Staska said.

Pink Heals is a group of first responders from around the nation on a mission of support.

"And it was very touching to see all of the fire trucks coming down the street," Wanda Staska said.

"I thought I saw something over to my left ... and I had an inkling about the pink fire truck,."  Brian Staska added.

Brian Staska has been a firefighter for the Austin and Brownsdale departments, and director of the fire training program at Riverland Community College.

"Brian was diagnosed with cancer may of 2016 his wife Wanda told us.

"The really tough days, now it seems like they're closer," Brian Staska said.

"We're not really for sure if it's related to firefighting but cancer in the fire service has increased," Wanda Staska explained.

"Your brain can be your worst enemy in this case because of all the time you have to think about what's going on," Brian added. "It really meant a lot to see all of Brian's friends and brothers there."

After a fleet of fire trucks and dozens of first responders, including many of Brian Staska's co-workers, congregated in front of their southwest Austin home.

"And let them know there are people out there thinking about them and they're not going through this battle alone," said Austin fire chief Jim McCoy.

"You pretty much have to have a good attitude or you're not going to make it. it's pretty trying at times," Wanda Staska said.

"I've never been awed more by the fire service," Staska said.

"The word of advice," his wife Wanda added, "is to do whatever you can to try to beat it, and then enjoy your family and enjoy your life and hold on to those special times that you have left."


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