Prominent Chefs, Bakers Say Businesses Can't Pick Customers

October 20, 2017 11:22 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) - Prominent chefs, bakers and restaurant owners want the Supreme Court to rule against a Colorado baker who wouldn't make a same-sex couple's wedding cake.
The food makers say that once they open their doors for business, they don't get to choose their customers. They say that abiding by laws that bar discrimination based on sexual orientation does not curb their creative control of a dish or a pastry.
Celebrity TV chefs and the owners of popular Washington, D.C., establishments are among those who are signing onto a legal brief being written by the Human Rights Campaign.
Cake artists who want the justices to recognize the artistic expression in cake-baking have filed a separate brief that does not take sides in the case.
The case will be argued on Dec. 5.



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